Optifog, The New Kid on the Block

Ever walk into a car on a cold winter day, and your glasses / sunglasses fog up leaving you blind temporarily?  Ever open a dishwasher and your glasses completely fogs up?  Well, now there’s a solution for that.  Up until about 3 months ago, there were no solution for it.  But now here’s a “new kid on the block”, Optifog, that has been making a lot of our patients quite happy.

What causes that fog on your glasses when you get into your car on a cold winter morning?  Fog is condensed droplets of water vapor lying on a surface especially when going from a cold to a hot environment.  This can obscure vision significantly, albeit temporarily.  Fog on the lenses depends on 3 factors as per Essilor (creator of Optifog): (1) Temperature difference between two environment.  (2) Relative humidity in the hot environment.  (3)  Time of exposure which allows the lens to adopt the temperature of the surrounding.

This experience of “temporary blindness” can be quite common.  Following are several scenarios that one can experience on their glasses:

  • Changing environment:  going for a cold air-conditioned room to the hot outside or going into a heated place on a cold winter day.
  • Indoor activities, such as drinking a hot cup of coffee, opening a dishwasher, eating hot food, also can lead to foggy lenses
  • Outdoor activities such as cycling, running, skiing can cause fog as well.

Essilor, one of the leaders in the ophthalmic industry, developed “Optifog”, lenses with anti-fog properties.  These are lenses with unique fog repellant properties, activated by an activator.  In order to activate the anti-fog property, simply put a drop of the activator on your lenses and wipe with a microfiber cloth to coat the entire lens surface.  This will keep the lenses fog-free for approximately one week.

Be sure to ask about this new innovative technology when you come into our office for your next pair of eye-glasses or sunglasses.

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