About Us

Franklin Square Eye Care has been serving our patients for about 15 years.  Our longevity is truly a testament to the quality eye care services and vision products we provide.  We believe in the importance of healthy eyes.  Therefore, we are dedicated to provide comprehensive eye care to every person that enters our office. 

At Franklin Square Eye Care, we pride ourselves in our compassionate and exceptional services.  As our testimonials reverberate, Dr. George (Optometrist) and Jason George (Optician) is known for their high standard of care.  Their patience with educating our patients and attention to details is extremely commendable.  As a husband and wife team, they value the importance of family and commit themselves to provide care for all family members. 

Taking good care of your eyes is our highest priority.  Franklin Square Eye Care is here for all your vision and optical needs, so you can see and look your best.  We look forward to meeting each of you as you trust us with your eyes. 



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